the last day


This is it! My one last full day in my dear home state. How do I feel about this? Exhausted!!! I’m still trying to figure out how two people can acquire so much “stuff” in such a short amount of time.
We have a 26 foot truck, a 16 foot flat-bed trailer, a pickup truck, a work van and car crammed to the gills with out “stuff”! After this I assure you I’m never moving again!!!
I awoke this morning at about 4am. I have no idea why, maybe it was to write this but what I really think is this is the last day in Texas.
I have left this state before as so many before me but I’ve always ended up coming back. Texas has always been the place I called home….that is until I went to Pennsylvania 6 years ago. Have you ever went somewhere that attached itself to you? That is what happen to me. I fell in love. This is the kind of love you have when you go home after years away. That warm enveloping love that makes you question why you would live anywhere else. For me, Pennsylvania is home.
I will miss Texas. I will miss my children and granddaughter. Friends and family. I will miss the larger than life presence that this place has.
A dear friend stopped by last night. She told me how much she admired my courage for making this move (thank you). I have never had a fear of change but I know that we can become stagnate and get so caught up in the day to day and one day we look up and realize life has passed us by. We spend so much of our lives trying to please others that we forget about ourselves. This move is for the Hubs and I, for that next chapter of our lives. I look forward to having y’all along for the ride…..
till the next post from our new home,

Love and Friendship Part 2

Isn’t it funny how our minds work? In all of this packing mess I have going on around me it has finally dawned on me how much I will miss this town and the friends and family that I have here.
In my last post I know that I left out a lot of people. After 24 years with one company you find that there are quite a few people who cross your path. Some were just a flash and others have true staying power.
So here goes…..
To all of you whom I have had the honor of working for, working with or just having to deal with me( I know I can be a true I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will miss you all!

with much love,

Love and Friendship


Most of you know that I retired from a position with the state. I worked at one facility for 21 years and in that time I made some truly wonderful dear friends. Last night a group of those wonderful women gave me a great send off! I wanted to thank all for your love and support over the years..
We have been thru many ups and downs, marriages, divorces, children, surgeries and the list goes on and on. Some of you I have only known for a short time and others I have known most of my adult life. I was thinking this morning how our relationships are comparable to my friends from the Army. I had not seen that comparison before, maybe I just wasn’t looking. I know that some of you will come north to see me and I am looking forward to introducing you to my new home state, not that your husbands will be happy with all the stuff that you are going to be bringing back with you…lol

So with that said, I would like stay say a big huge Texas thank you to Bonnie Morris, Laurie Jones, Seana Harris, Debby Manning, Renee Lanphier, Kim Dickson, Susie Biscoe, Pam Oden and Cindy Arnold…..Ladies, it has been an honor.

Is there an art to traveling?

Wow!  This past week was crazy!  We left the house here in Texas on Saturday morning en route to Pennsylvania. The Hubs and I had decided that it would be easier to ride the bike up instead of attempting to move it along with the tons of our other stuff.  So here we are, the hubby is on the bike literally loving every minute of it and I am in the car with the suitcase and my thoughts….10407200_10203396861585271_3089763392253737804_n


(Before we stopped that first night I really did feel like Bill the Cat!)

First off we decided to make this trip on a NASCAR race weekend.  Which in normal English means there was not a hotel room available for 100 miles in any direction.  The night before we left we were scrambling to find a room and ended up at the Hampton Inn in Scottsboro Alabama on the Tennessee River.  Beautiful place and the people were so friendly.  Oops I’m getting ahead of myself.  First day 700 miles!  I have decided that the most idiot drivers are in Alabama.  Louisiana and Mississippi were pretty smooth, but Alabama was another story!  We ended up in a traffic jam in between Tuscaloosa and Birmingham due to a 3 car accident.  No on ramp or merge lane but yet 3 cars were destroyed.  That set us back at least 30 minutes.  Our goal was to make it to the hotel before dark and that didn’t happen.  It had already been a very long day and was getting longer.  I had listened to every station on the radio, talk to friends and family on the phone, talk to every driver on the road with a running commentary of how stupid they were and I also talked to myself.  I think if I had to drive any farther I would have been hallucinating! lol

Turns out the Hubs was not so much loving life.  He was having a hard time.  His back was killing him.  Lucky for us once we stopped for the night good old Wal-Mart was right next door.  We walked over and picked up some stuff to help his aliments and to get him a long sleeve shirt.  Turns out riding a motorcycle at 70 mph in the first weekend of May is quite chilly!

Day 2 started out chilly but was beautiful.  Breakfast at Cracker Barrell and then back on the road.  This was Sunday and I had already decided that we would not travel as far.  The Hubs back was giving him fits but he purchased himself a back brace of sorts and it seemed to help.  I was in a better zone by the second day so I turned on some classic rock and away we go. The hubs gave me a nickname from being in my zone…Dot….evidently that was all he could see of me!  lol

Tennessee is beautiful! I so love the mountains!  For me the Eastern United States are the most beautiful.  I know that there are some that will argue with me on this point but the mystery of the Smokey and Appalachian Mountains makes them all the more appealing.  I am always in complete awe when I travel thru the area.  The mountains are beautiful and the highways are decent.  The traffic was horrendous!  The Hubs was almost taken out by a flying license plate.  Sponge Bob was driving a bright yellow truck and trailer like a bat out of hell, the wind he was generating from the speed of his rig caused the plate that was lying on the road to come up hit the tire on the bike on bounce off hitting the Hubs crash bar.  The good Lord was looking out for the love of my life that day!  Thank you God!

After 400 miles we stayed the night in Christianburg VA. Nice place, lots of history.

Day 3 and 5 hours from our destination.  Traffic was better than the day before.  The best thing about this drive is the route thru West Virginia.  You drive past Harper’s Ferry.  A beautiful spot on the Potomac River.  Three states all in one spot!

We could have not asked for better weather.  High bluebird skies with a light breeze.  Highs in the low to mid 80’s and no humidity.

We get the bike dropped off the day we arrived.  We were left with 3 days to accomplish our list.  Surprisingly we had time to get a bit of sight-seeing done.

Our new home is perfect!  Ranch style with a full basement.  We are going from about 1000 sq ft to 3000 sq ft!  Holy crap!  We do not have near enough furniture to fill this house.  I see a shopping trip in my future! lol

We have been back in Texas about a week.  Packing is still on going and of course I will still be complaining when I have to unpack everything in a couple of weeks…. 🙁

Our days in Texas are now down to 15 and even though we will be leaving our love affair with this state is far from over.

till the next post…



Collecting Life

Sitting here thinking about things… I have many things to accomplish but at this moment, I just want to talk to y’all.

I know I have told some of you of my love of moving (can you feel the sarcasm in my words!) Packing is an absolute nightmare! I actually dream about boxes, tape, paper and bubble wrap! Just when I think I have made a dent in all of it, I step back and look around and realize there is so much more!

I have found things that I had forgotten I had…things the kids made in school, letters from friends(before internet), baby blankets and school pictures and paperwork from when I started my job with the state.  Some is worth keeping and some should have been destroyed years ago.

I am a hoarder of sorts… I like to collect things. I have collected pigs since my days in the Army. I started collecting plates about 10 years ago and I also collect antique bottles. I am very particular about what I buy and some of my selection is quite small in number.

My mother was also a collector.  She had a knack for antiques and would go to great lengths to find what she was looking for.  I have several of her pieces.  Nothing extravagant, but unique and beautiful none the less. I learned from her how to read the glass of a bottle or jar.  It’s hard to put into words but if you are a lover of antique glass you will understand what I am talking about.

Everyday I get a little closer to having all of it boxed up and ready to go. Of course the more I pack the larger the pile seems to get…lol

Now.  Not that this will have anything to do with packing, but I’ve been driving by myself for the last two days and I have listen to every radio station that Sirius has. My brain has been in overdrive… here goes..

Why is it that we not only collect things but we also collect people?  How can you have 1000 friends on Facebook?  Thing is…you can’t!  Now I understand that we meet people that we want to remain connected to for what ever reason.  I try to keep my friends list under 150 (try being the operative word).  I have friends that I haven’t spoken to in many years but they are still on the list for that “just in case.”  Now I’ve said that to say this…..sometimes we have to let go of our collection of people.  We have to do this in order to move forward with our lives.  You have to grow in yourself in order to appreciate others.  If you can’t do that…then it’s time to step back and reevaluate your life and the decisions you have made.

So there is something for you to think about until the next post….