June in Pennsylvania


I am still a lover of Texas.

We have lived here for 3 whole weeks now and of course I think that I am completely over the “southern thang”.  Not so much…Those of you whom have left your home and decided to travel far away from where you roots have grown will understand this completely.  You try so hard to become part of your new home but that part of you deep down that is who you are so completely always rises to the surface.

I have a very distinct South East Texas drawl and it stands out in a large way here!  I get strange looks from time to time but for the most part everyone is friendly and helpful.  I (with the help of my daughter in law) have discovered the Amish market.  Fresh fruits and vegetables, local dairy milk (and they deliver!) some of the best grass-fed beef and chicken I have ever eaten and bread from a local bakery.  This place is a dream come true!  My friend in Minnesota is quite jealous because it’s one stop shopping and the prices are unbelievable.  I love the fact that this place is 10 miles from my home.  The terrain here is wonderful.  Mountains all around us.  A very beautiful place.  I told The Hubs yesterday that come September we will be taking a trip on the bike to the Poconos.  The colors should be gorgeous.

It’s the late part of June and everything is still in bloom.  You can sit outside in the afternoon and don’t have to worry about your face melting off or being annihilated by mosquitoes.  It is quite beautiful here.  This small town that we now live in has tree lined streets with sidewalks.  The homes are civil war era that line the roads.  It’s one of those places that everyone knows everyone.  Very much a hometown with a very welcoming vibe.

I love it here but I also still love Texas and that will never change.

A new day!

Well Hello Y’all!

I guess I need to start attempting to speak kinda Yankee since I am now a resident of this state.  It’s not completely official since we are still in possession of our Texas drivers license and car tags.  All in due time…..

The trip getting here was hell!  I know the old saying “never say never” but I’m telling you I will never again in my life make another trip like that!  Here I was worried about that poor kitty cat.  He settled in and actually enjoyed the ride. Me….not so much!!  I’m still recovering.

So it’s been a bit over a week.  The rain followed us from Texas for the first few days and it was quite chilly for this Texas girl.  The house is starting to come together.  This place is large in a Texas kind of way, I guess sprawling would be a better word.  We by no means have enough furniture but the Amish are just down the road so that will be taken care of in due time…lol  I will say that I am not a fan of the basement stairs but as my sweet mother-in-law says “They’re good for your heart!”.  So I will continue to walk up and down them for the sake of my health.

I know that this winter is going to be cold but I’m not worried about that.  There is still an actual summer and a complete fall to enjoy first.  They consider 92 degrees hot here!  Summer should be fun!  I can actually walk thru the yard barefoot with no worries of fire ants or sweet gum balls.  Very nice indeed.

So it’s a new day and my only complaint is the 12 mile long hallway from our bedroom to the coffee pot…………….index15

other than that I’m feeling pretty good. 😉


until the next post