Oh say can you see…..

As much as I try to not be political for some reason I have these friends that keep pulling me into the ring…..But this post will not be about politics and if God willing none will ever be.

The past weekend was the birthday of our great nation.  I’m not a fan of summer but I do love July 4th and all that it represents.  To celebrate “The Hubs” and I took a ride on the Harley.  Now mind you it is July and we are very used to not even considering getting on the bike to go anywhere by this time of the year when we lived in Texas.  It was quite chilly here for the 5th of July.  The morning started out a bit foggy with a chill in the air so we didn’t leave the house till about 0945.  I not only had on a long sleeve shirt but also a sweatshirt and a jacket and gloves.  I was quite cold! “The Hubs” mapped our route the night before, lots of back roads thru the Appalachian Mountains.  Well over 200 miles of absolute beautiful country.

This ride on the bike has cemented my love for our new state that much more.  I promise on our next ride to take pictures so everyone can see exactly what I’m talking about.

When we arrived home I decided to research some of the places that I had seen.  Early into our journey we passed a place called Russell Tavern on Black’s Gap Road.  That road was the second road to be constructed in Adams County in the year 1747 and the Tavern was built in 1777.  Let me say that again….the second road to be constructed in Adams County in the year of 1747!  There is so much history in that sentence almost makes your head spin!

While up in the mountains we passed a historical marker Shadow of Death.  This one  really had me intrigued.  Upon researching this I found on the historical marker database this “the name applied to this locality by Conrad Weiser and other travelers on the Frankstown Path in the mid-18 century.  Its local significance is now unknown”.  It goes on to say on the page that Weiser served as a pioneer Indian interpreter and treaty maker from 1732-1760.  The Indians called him “Holder of the Heavens”.  For 30 years Weiser served as Pennsylvania’s Indian agent and interpreter.  My own opinion is that I don’t know what it means.  I can speculate as can everyone else but the name on that sign does seem to work on the mind just a bit.

This state is also a bikers paradise.  Every road we were on we passed bikes.  So if you love to ride as we do you need to come to this state.

I have lived in Texas the majority of my life and I have always thought that Texas was without a doubt one of the most beautiful and diverse places on earth.  I have to say that I was wrong.  Yes, Texas is beautiful and the sunrises and sunsets are the best anywhere but…But…when you have seen the world from the top of a mountain something just comes over you or maybe it’s just the romantic in me.  I’m looking forward to more time spent in the mountains and seeing the world from the back of our Harley.

Last week we had to drive over to West Chester. We were 14 miles from Wilmington, DE.  How cool is that?!  We drove on Hwy 30 which cuts thru the middle of Amish country.  If you have never seen an Amish farm I advise you to slow down and take a good long look.  They have a simple beauty that is something to behold.

I do love our new home state. There is so much beauty and history here.  I promise I will start adding pictures from our journeys.  I really do want everyone to witness the amazing places that I see.

Until the next post