The light from the fire

I am 52 years old.  I have made peace with my 25 year old self.. It wasn’t easy and I don’t wish this on anyone but…..But, we all need to do this!

I myself suffered from Scarlett O’Hara syndrome..everything and I mean everything was put off till tomorrow!  Not a wise decision on my part but at the time I was only concerned with what I could have complete control of and everything else got put off till tomorrow.  Turns out tomorrow was closer than I thought.

Ten years ago I finally hit tomorrow.  Everything and I mean everything came crashing down on me.  It was so overwhelming that it pushed me to seek professional help.  I had years and years of crap to deal with and had no idea how to even begin.  It took about a year of therapy but I was able to cope with my past and to accept the decisions I had made along the way.

Now I’ve told you all this to explain the rest of the story…

You have to make peace with your past and forgive yourself so you can have peace with yourself in the future.

Some of us cannot let go.  We hold grudges and get so wrapped up in the drama that we don’t even realize that we are up to our necks in quicksand.  When this happens we look around and see just how much has been lost.  Friends, relationships and even marriages.  Some cannot let go and continue to keep that grasp on the past, unable to move into the present or the future.  How many are left behind because one grows and wants more and the other doesn’t?

I recently asked some friends of mine, those that I have known most of my life if I had changed.. I was inspired and dismayed by the responses but all in all I am still the girl I was all those years ago but much wiser.

I found this quote on Pinterest:

“Sometimes you get the best light from a burning bridge”

-Don Henley.

There are a lot of truth in those words..  If it wasn’t good for you and caused you pain(even though you only want to hang on to the good you want to remember), burn that bridge and enjoy the warmth from the fire as you walk away.

Some of you won’t have a clue what I’m talking about and if that’s the case this was not directed to you.

I love you all…..

till the next post