thinking of you

Sometimes a thought comes to me on a whim.  It has significant meaning to me and at time only me.  Although this started out as one thing and has ended up as something totally different.  Please enjoy and share.



I thought of you today…

You left me.  You walked away without even a whisper of goodbye.  Has it been years or days?  Minutes or hours?  Maybe it was just yesterday or a lifetime ago.  I look for you in the smallest of details but I can no longer see you in my world.

I thought of you today…..

The memories of you are overwhelming.  They take my heart and squeeze till I feel it may break all over again.  I can no longer see your face or hear your voice.  I miss your kindness and your laughter.  I miss you with an ache so deep and so wide that all the stars in the sky could fill.

I thought of you today…..

I know you are not coming back.  I know that as time goes on that the hurt will continue to fade and eventually life will return to a lopsided normal.  A life without you.  A love without you.

I thought of you today and my heart is broken all over again.