This could be the start of an old country song…..


I recently made a quick trip down memory lane. I realized like most of us that we don’t quite remember the past the way it really happened. I’m not quite sure if it’s just the fact that after many years of good or bad, happy or sad, horrible or fantastic, the past becomes a memory of what we hoped it had been. Maybe it’s just me and not everyone feels this way. But I have a sneaky suspicion that what I’m stating is in fact truth.
OK, so now that we have that cleared up…on with my story..

I graduated from a very small school deep in the Big Thicket of South East Texas. We were the largest class to walk across the stage(and I believe the last to actually graduated in the auditorium). The last count that I remember was 75. Small school, not as small as some but small to us. Everyone knew everyone. We were mostly friends. We were family. We may fight each other but dare anyone to try to hurt one of us well… Bless their poor little hearts….lol

During a recent trip to Texas I had the opportunity to have dinner with some of these awesome people. Something about being over 50 gives you a different perspective on life. There were no barriers from youth, friendships from years past were renewed and new friendships were made. This was truly a wonderful gift for me and for that I am grateful.

Sitting there at the table, talking about my life(good, bad and indifferent) I realized that for some of us we do look to the past with a rose-colored tint. We have become not necessarily tolerant but more than that we have developed this ability to see thru most of the crap only because we have lived and endured most of it. You cannot change your past but you can become the best version of yourself. I believe that is what we have all done and this makes us excepting of the people we used to be especially to ourselves. As I look at the pictures of us I still see the younger versions of ourselves. A few pounds slimmer, more hair, less grey, no wrinkles and full of life and promise of the future. In our minds we are still those 18 year old kids looking forward to everyday…I still feel this way but now I just move a lot slower…lol

I had no intentions of this being a serious post but here it is.
so till the next post


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  1. It was so great seeing you and catching up. Even though you say you had no intention of your post being serious, I feel you can’t help but be serious about our friendships, old and new. Being of “an age” now, I realize how true our friendships have been over the years. Can’t wait til next time!

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