Sitting here this morning watching the world fall apart on the news.  My thoughts are many and my heart is broken.  Our country, this place that I like so many others love to the depths of our souls has completely fallen apart.

At no time have I ever wanted to make this into a political rant but here it is.

At a time when there is so much heartbreak and suffering.  People dying at the hands of assholes who have no desire but to harm Americans.  No matter what differences we have we are still American Americans.  The problem is not about guns as our government would lead us to believe.  It’s about hate.  Pure unadulterated HATE.  There is no respect anymore.

This is not about one group being more important than another whether it’s the color of your skin or the job you have.  The division of the country is leading us down a dark road and at a time when the President has an opportunity to unite our country all he is doing is tearing us further apart.  I want to thank you Mr President for being the absolute worst Commander in Chief this country has ever had.  You had a chance to really unite us and all you’ve done is tear us apart.

If any of you are offended by what I have written my words to you…Grow the hell up!





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